Shipping Information

We work with both independent shippers and a larger shipping company to handle our shipping needs for customers outside our shipping range. When we receive notification your order is complete and ready for shipping we will email you the information for the company that will be shipping your furniture.

Before accepting the pickup, a representative from the shipping company inspects the furniture for damages or defects while at the builders. When you order is ready to ship you will receive a call or email from the company designated to ship your order with an estimated date of delivery. Furniture is usually delivered within 15 days from the date the order is picked up.

All of your furniture is fully insured by our shipping companies, and we work closely with them to ensure that your furniture arrives to you safely. If during the course of packaging or shipping there is damage to your furniture, we will work with our shippers and builders to help resolve the issue in the most expedient way possible. We will strive to handle each damage claim so that you are satisfied and so that the end result meets with the high quality standards we have become known for.

Delivery Options

Before choosing your shipping method it is best that you understand the difference between the two shipping methods, white glove and curbside.

Curbside Shipping

Your order is delivered with one driver, with a truck installed with a ramp or a lift gate. Your furniture will be delivered to your curb unless the truck can make it safely up your driveway; it will then be delivered to your curb. It is not the responsibility of the driver to help with unloading, carrying in and assembly of your order. Additional people may be required depending on the size of the order being delivered. After unloading and before the driver leaves, the customer should inspect the furniture for damage. Product damage is rare, however, if damage is found the customer should note the damage in the appropriate box on the Delivery Receipt (provided by the driver) and then sign. Some of our pieces do need minor assembly. Contact your sales representative for assistance in determining if your order will need assembly.

White Glove Shipping

Your order will be brought in and set up where ever you would like it set up* and additionally all packaging materials will be removed. After everything is set up, the customer should inspect the furniture for damage. Product damage is rare, however, if damage is found the customer should note the damage in the appropriate box on the Delivery Receipt (provided by the driver) and then sign.

Because this delivery method is more time and labor intensive, it is more expensive than the Curbside Delivery method.

Here are some specific examples of what the delivery company will or will not assemble:

– Due to child safety laws they will bring the crib pieces into the child’s room but will not assemble it.
– All shelves in units will be installed if the customer prefers. It is up to the customer to let the shipping company know where they would like them installed.
– The customer must let the shipping company know how many leaves they would like their table set up at.
– The shipping company will only assemble bed frames. The customer is responsible for putting mattresses and box springs on the frame.
– The shipping company is not responsible for moving preexisting furniture in order to set up the current order. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the area is clear and the shipping company has a clear path for delivery. If the area is not clear the shipping company will place the items as close to the area as possible, but the customer will be responsible for assembly and no refund will be given.
– The shipping company is not responsible for the removal of old furniture.

Inability to Deliver Your Furniture

For the safety of our delivery staff and your furniture we sometimes are unable to deliver your order to the designated area in certain situations. Although rare, the following situations do happen where we have been unable to deliver furniture as intended:

– Due to an error in measuring, the piece does not fit in the area/room it was intended for.
– Stairways are too constricted, which doesn’t allow for proper handling of your piece(s).
– Poorly maintained driveways, sidewalks and stairways that could potentially be harmful to delivery personnel during delivery.

Zain Handicrafts and the shipping companies work with you to try to delivery your order to the best of our ability. If we or our shipping companies feel that we will not be able to deliver your furniture with out damaging it we will notify you and you will have the option of having your order delivered by signing a waiver that releases the shipping company from any liability.