Hardwood Details

Mature hardwoods supply the nation, and much of the world, with timber used for everything from railroad ties to quality furnishings. U.S. hardwoods are coveted the world over for their warmth and lasting beauty in furniture, cabinetry, millwork and flooring.

Just as each tree is different from the next, so, too are hardwood products individually unique. Hardwoods are characterized by an infinite variety of grains and distinctive textures. Trees grow limbs that fall off as the tree matures. What remains is a knot on the hardwood surface. These natural markings add character to the woods appearance and have absolutely no effect on the wood’s durability and stability.

Here is some specific information about the wood types we offer:

Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo)

Sheesham wood furniture has been hailed throughout the ages as one of the finest woods often only ever compared to Teak in it’s beauty and durability. While the competition against teak is definitely a legitimate one it cannot be argued that sheesham does not have a beautiful finish to it. As a dark rosewood sheesham wood furniture holds beautiful patterns and when polished to a shine a view can get lost in its intricate shapes.

The durability and flexibility of sheesham must also be applauded when considering installing it in your home as a piece of furniture. With its hard wood and dark finish, any nicks that do manage to penetrate the surface of the wood will not be noticed. The flexibility of the wood has inspired many furniture makers to make intricate and odd pieces that could not be accomplished with other wood.

sheesham furniture


Cherry wood has a fine satiny, smooth texture and a circular grain pattern. The heartwood of cherry varies from a rich red to reddish brown while the sapwood is creamy white in contrast. It will darken with age and with exposure to light. The wood may also naturally contain brown pith flecks and small pit pockets. It is a softer wood so it is prone to scratches and denting with a lot of use. Cherry wood has a natural reddish hue and this warmth is seen in all of the cherry stains. With the muted grain, Cherry wood has a more even-toned finish. Cherry has a rating of 950 on the Janka Hardness scale*.

cherry furniture


Walnut is a rich chocolate or purplish brown in color with hints of grey, black and even dark blue. It has a beautiful grain pattern and is the only dark brown domestic hardwood. Over time it will take on a bit of a golden brown color, but it is very slight and mostly unnoticeable. Walnut isn’t as hard as red oak or maple but it is harder than cherry. Walnut has a rating of 1010 on the Janka Hardness Scale*.

walnut furniture