Stain and Finishes

Our finishers use commercial grade stains that are sprayed on to provide more even and consistent color.

For great durability, we use satin ARESISTOVAR for our top coat. ARESISTOVAR is a high quality, catalyzed, performance coating for all types of interior furniture. It has great adhesion, hardness and abrasion resistance compared to lacquers. ARESISTOVAR has great resistance to water, solvents, and household chemicals. It doesn’t merely protect the surface of the table; it soaks into the wood to provide added protection.

Custom Staining

Many of our clients desire to have their new furniture match existing pieces within their home. Zain Handicrafts offers a wide variety of stains and finishing techniques. If by chance we do not have a stain that matches your home décor, we offer custom stain matching for an additional cost. We simply request a sample to provide for our finisher to develop your unique stain formula!

Special Staining Techniques

In addition to the selection of stain, we offer a variety of staining techniques that will enhance the beauty of your furniture. The below techniques are available at an additional cost:

Areas such as furniture tops and sides are highlighted by a darker stain to create a more antique look.

A three-step finishing process that results in an aged, weathered appearance. It gives the look of peeling away paint.

Random nicks and cuts are done to the wood surface to give the furniture piece the look of aging or of an antique.

The finish is hand wiped and blended to show highlights in the wood grain.

Rub Thru
After staining the furniture piece is sanded to give the appearance of many years of use. A glaze is then applied to the exposed areas for a beautiful contrast.

Staining the furniture piece in 2 different stains or a stain/paint combination. This is most popular with tables and chairs. The table skirt and base as well as the chair back and legs are usually stained a dark color and the table top as well as the chair seat is stained a lighter color. This enables the table top and chair seat to be accented.